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With only $35 a month, you can help support pastors in Cartagena, Colombia by providing a steady monthly cash income supplement. Several sponsors are even helping more than one pastor! By helping these pastors with a regular monthly cash gift, we ease the burden of ministry allowing them to work full time at what God has called them to do. The funds donated by the sponsors go directly into the hands of pastors to be used by them for whatever their needs are at that time – rent, food, clothing, transportation, school supplies, or paying bills.

How It Works
It only costs $35 a month to make a difference in the life of a pastor and his family. When you sign-up you will receive a sponsorship brochure in the mail with your pastor’s name, his picture, his city, a map of the country showing where he serves, and a brief testimony. Two to three times a year, you will receive an update in the mail with more information on your pastor’s background, family, and the current happenings in his life and ministry. The best way to sponsor a pastor is with a regular monthly gift by bank debit or credit card. This provides seamless donations without the time or effort to remember to write checks each month. Call us at 954-709-2805 and we can fill you in on what you need to get started. It’s quick and easy. You can start today by clicking on the "SAP form" below, download it, fill it out, scan and email to Shirleybrieva@hotmail.com. You can also click on "Donate Now" link:
German Rodriguez, Pastor of Iglesia Torre Fuerte Blas de Lezo (Cartagena, Colombia)
Roger Correa, Pastor of Iglesia Torre Fuerte Nelson Mandela (Cartagena, Colombia)