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You can make an impact in the life of a teacher or staff member at Tour Forte school in Port au Prince, Haiti through sponsorship.

The teachers sacrifice each day in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness that grips the their community. Sponsoring a teacher is an incredible way to build a meaningful relationship with them through your support, encouragement and prayers as they invest their lives in these children.

You can sponsor a teacher by committing to a monthly donation of $50.

Click on "SAT form" below, download form, fill it out, scan and email to madai.lora@gmail.com

Select “Donate Now” and start making your monthly donation of $50.

Rose Carmel, 3rd Grade Teacher and is a volunteer a the children's feeding center
Lonail Etienne, 2nd Grade Teacher (and his wife)
Janie Michel, 1st Grade Teacher
Tius Feguens, 4th Grade Teacher
Marlie Derizard, 3rd Grade Teacher (green dress)
Mitch Pierre, School Director
Roudy Cenestant, 6th Grade Teacher